5 Iconic French Dishes You Can Try Today

When traveling to new places, all we do is explore that specific place’s culture, traditions, and cuisine. However, a food spree might be heavy on your pocket when traveling on a budget. To reduce the burden, you can gather the ingredients and cook yourself. Apart from people who travel, some people crave food while just scrolling about a specific place.

French dishes are pretty famous for their perfection and flavor. Here we have some iconic French dishes that will take you to nostalgia if you’ve been to France before. If not, then indeed, there is something new to try.

Let us take a moment, and immerse ourselves in some of these fantastic french dishes and see how they can awaken our appetite;

Following are 5 Iconic French Dishes.

Potatoes Dauphinoise

If you are craving potatoes, this is one of the most innovative French dishes. It contains a perfect blend of potatoes with cream and cheese. To add flavor and spice to this dish, you can add oregano, thyme, basil, and chopped garlic.

Potatoes Dauphinoise serves as the best dip for nachos. In addition to this, it can also be a base for tortillas, sandwiches, garlic bread, and your regular salad. The preparation time of the dish is around 20 minutes, while it takes 45 minutes to cook. All the ingredients required to cook this dish are ordinary kitchen ingredients with the addition of common herbs.


Cassoulet is a more straightforward dish and takes an hour to cook from start to finish. In addition to this, it is a healthy French supper option. You can prepare a cassoulet in many ways. You can use any food item as a base from the list; pumpkin, beef, sausage, roast vegetables, bacon, or even chicken.

Generally, beef and pork cassoulet is widely eaten as a French dish. It will take around one hour to prepare this dish from scratch. Apart from beef and pork, it will also have beans and stew to provide a sustainable amount of protein.

Lamb Chops With A Cognac Dijon Cream Sauce

Many of us have eaten lamb chops. However, little did we know that its a French dish. In addition to this, adding a cognac Dijon cream sauce to lamb chops will enhance the dish’s flavor. The dish takes around 45 minutes to prepare and contains essential ingredients.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Classic chicken cordon bleu is a healthier version of chicken perfectly baked with ham and cheese. It takes around 30 minutes to prepare this dish from scratch. You will need chicken breast, white pepper, cheese, ham slices, and panko breadcrumbs.

Croque Monsieur

The name indicates the elegance and legacy of this French dish. It is a blend of ham with cheese topped with béchamel sauce. It is a dish from 1910 and originated in cafes and bars in Paris.

We Hope It Tastes Delicious

Conclusively, above mentioned are some of the most iconic French dishes. If you visit Paris, it’s just to have these; however, you can also enjoy French cuisine while residing somewhere else and lying on your sofa.

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