What’s Coming on Netflix in May?

Are you on Netflix? You, like many other people in the world, probably will subscribe to this platform and provider. Why do you subscribe? You expect tons of entertainment for a small price. This is a fantastic offer, it seems as if you will never run through the horde of content that continues to appear on the platform.

Netflix is a source of entertainment to billions and millions of people worldwide. It has a perfect entertainment package for people of all ages, whether it be children, teenagers, or adults. In addition to this, it caters to movies and documentaries in diverse genres, from action to thrill to love and romance.

Every month or day after, users wait to watch something breathtaking on Netflix. Something which grabs their attention and hooks them to the content. Without any doubt, Netflix has been successful in producing such content. It has either featured content that connects the audience or has created content of its own that has grabbed people’s attention.

Here we have a list of options featured on Netflix in May.

Top picks:

Stranger Things 4: Volume 1

Stranger things four will be back with a bang on Netflix and stream its first volume for the audience. We all are aware of the hype about stranger things. Finally, it’s an end to the suspense, and the audience can watch their favorite show again next month. The audience will be mesmerized by the Hawkins gang, who will reveal a new plot of the series and entertain the audience.


We are well aware that Netflix features everything from movies to TV shows and documentaries. Similarly, there is a list of films featured on the streaming application. Some most common cinema for which the audience is awaiting is A Perfect Pairing, Corpse Bride, Crazy Stupid Love, John Q, Our Father, Rambo, you’ve Got Mail, and When Harry Met Sally. There are many other movies apart from these.

TV Shows

Although some people might find it a primitive hobby to watch TV shows that too on Netflix, gut people are still hooked to many famous TV shows on Netflix. Apart from the new TV shows featured on Netflix, people are still hooked to old shows like Friends and The Office.

Netflix will stream a long list of TV shows in the upcoming month. Some of those shows are 42 Days of Darkness, Wild Babies, Wrong Side Of The Track, Blood Sisters, Clark, Brotherhood Season 2, Insiders Season 2, New Heights, Meltdown, Savage Beauty, and Sea of Love.

Some TV shows are new and will be streamed for the first time on Netflix, while others will have new episodes for the audience or sequels of the previously released shows.

What Are You Going To Watch?

Streaming application Netflix features hundreds of shows every month. These are just a few names of the most common TV shows and movies featured on the application. You can have a fun time or spend your weekend enjoying it if you have a Netflix subscription.

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